apinity Collections

Curate and Showcase Your Services in Your Branding with Ease



Curate and Showcase Your Services in Your Branding with Ease

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Effortlessly Group and Brand Your Services
into Unique Collections

apinity Collections allow you to seamlessly group services from the catalog, enhancing discoverability and branding. Whether you’re spotlighting sub-brands or organizing thematic APIs, our platform empowers you with the tools to create a distinctive marketplace presence.


The Advantages of Collections

Collections complement our platform by offering a new layer of organization and personalization specifically aimed at enhancing brand identity and improving user experience.

While standard filters on our platform are excellent for sorting services by generic criteria like category or popularity, Collections allow you to create tailored experiences. With Collections, you can:

Effortless Grouping

Pick services and group them into curated collections with unique branding options like banners, logos, and color schemes.

Tailored Collections

Design collections for specific themes or sub-brands, such as ‘Top 10 Risk Management APIs’, each with its own look and feel.

Enhanced Branding Opportunities

Customize each collection with exclusive branding elements to stand out in the marketplace.

Expanded Branding Space

Utilize additional banner space in the main catalog for broader branding opportunities.

Accessible via Unique URL

Promote your collections with unique URLs, perfect for sharing on platforms like LinkedIn.

Dynamic Collections

Choose the flexibility of Dynamic Collections with automated rules for content curation or opt for Static Collections for manual control. Set up criteria-based rules to automatically update your collections based on workspace, category, or country specifics.

Ready to enhance your API marketplace?

Start curating your own collection today and bring your unique branding vision to life!