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Provider-Set API Status

Keep your customers informed with real-time updates about the status of your APIs

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Effortlessly communicate API status to your consumers

The apinity Provider-Set API Status feature allows providers to set and communicate the status of their APIs, ensuring transparency and enhancing consumer trust. Are your servers down? Create an incident and notify your consumers. Then keep them up to date with status updates. Is your team planning maintenance in the future? Schedule this maintenance and notify Consumers ahead of time. This feature enables seamless communication of API status with your consumers, keeping them always informed.


The advantages of Provider-Set API Status

Enhance your API management by providing clear, real-time status updates to your consumers. With the Provider Set API Status feature, you can:

Manual status setting

Easily set the status for each API manually to inform consumers about scheduled maintenance and ongoing incidents.

Consumer visibility

Though out of scope for the MVP, future iterations will allow consumers to visually see the status of an API they are subscribed to.

Embed status information

Via our Status API, insurance brokers can retrieve active incidents and maintenance, as thus embed API status information into your software to keep customers informed and reduce support calls.

Customizable status categories

Select from multiple status categories to reflect the severity of the issue. e.g. Major Outage(red), Degraded/Maintenance (orange), and Operational (green).

Ready to enhance your API communication?

Set your API statuses and keep your consumers informed with real-time updates!