BiPRO SaaS: Software as a Service for Insurance

Our BiPRO as a Service product allows the fastest go-to-market for insurance and embedded insurance with new BiPRO standards. It manages all BiPRO logic, traffic, and connections – seamlessly in one place. Built and hosted by apinity, the API Business Operations SaaS platform, and FINCON.

A world-leading insurer uses apinity’s BiPRO solution

A world-leading insurer integrated apinity BiPRO as a Service to simplify their BiPRO 430.4 process integration, with a successful go-live in early 2022. In that project, overall BiPRO project efforts could have been reduced by approximately 23% due to the apinity’s and FINCON’s role as a central bundling point of BiPRO expertise and technology.

News: Download the BiPRO-Hub Fact Sheet here to learn all about the project, benefits, and implementation details.

The problem: Complexity of BiPRO 430.4

As part of the BiPRO community, the global insurer wanted to implement BiPRO 430.4 to supply brokers with contractual data and documents. All within a one-year timeline. This endeavor required complex architectural developments combined with a tight timeline. The client insurer was looking for a customizable, flexible API Business SaaS solution for BiPRO that can manage all major BiPRO norms and use cases – also beyond 430.4.

“apinity is an official member of the BiPRO e.V.”

The solution: BiPRO as Software as a Service

With apinity and FINCON, the insurer could enrich their core systems with a state-of-the-art BiPRO component. By that, the pure BIPRO norm development effort could be lowered by 32% during the project. Brokers experience super-fast data responses, delivered by a robust and scalable BiPRO software. Hosted and run by apinity and FINCON.

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