As the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) sets its compliance deadline for 17 January 2025, the clock is ticking for financial institutions to align their ICT third-party risk management strategies. Don’t wait until the last moment to refine your approach to these crucial regulations.

What’s Inside This Essential Guide?

Our comprehensive paper offers actionable insights and strategic guidance tailored specifically for insurers navigating the new DORA landscape. You’ll discover:

  • Expert Analyses on the implications of DORA for your operations and how you can turn compliance into a competitive advantage.
  • Practical Steps to streamline and enhance your ICT third-party risk management, ensuring you meet DORA’s stringent requirements with ease.
  • Advanced Solutions that can dramatically reduce the complexity and workload involved in maintaining compliance, freeing up your resources to focus on core business priorities.

Prepare to Lead, Not Just Comply!

By downloading this document, you’ll not only prepare to meet regulatory standards but also position your organization as a leader in digital operational resilience. Stay ahead of the curve by enhancing your compliance strategies now, ensuring a smoother transition when DORA goes into effect.

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