What are synchronous APIs?

Synchronous APIs are a type of API that operate on a request-response model where the client waits for the server to respond before continuing with any other operations. This interaction is “blocking,” meaning that no further processing can occur until the response is received from the server. The key characteristics of synchronous APIs include:

  • Immediate Feedback: They provide real-time responses that are essential for operations requiring instant confirmation and interaction.
  • Blocking Nature: The process making the request must wait until it gets a reply before it can proceed with other tasks.
  • Simplicity: The straightforward nature of the request-response model makes these APIs easier to implement and use in scenarios where the outcome of a request is critical to the subsequent operation.

Synchronous APIs are particularly useful in scenarios where a prompt reply is necessary, such as user authentication or processing payments, where the client needs to know immediately whether the operation was successful.