Currently, most API management tools heavily focus on IT departments and do not cater to business personas’ requirements. With apinity exchange, we bring IT and business closer together. Let us describe the benefits per business area:

  • Sales & marketing: Team up to promote your APIs as valuable products, generate leads and open new revenue streams by connecting to partners in no time and selling existing API assets.
  • Procurement: Scale your preferred solutions quickly across projects & subsidiaries, enforcing standards and extending your offering by browsing a curated API catalog of the most innovative 3rd party solutions. Use analytics insights for internal optimization, vendor negotiations, and SLA management.
  • Accounting: Gain insights about APIs’ usage, allowing you to verify invoices of third-party services and supporting you in allocating costs between different product teams.
  • Architecture: Unlock your IT infrastructure and open data silos by exposing your legacy systems through APIs. Sharing them internally via your own marketplace reduces the costs through higher numbers of reuse and speeds up the delivery of connected experiences, products, and services.
  • Developers: Deliver new capabilities faster by choosing from various already-existing internal and external API services in your own marketplace, including their technical documentation, in-browser testing, and performance monitoring.