FIDA in a Nutshell

includes 12 month action plan to get ready for FIDA

Discover our exclusive guide, “FIDA in a Nutshell” – a unique whitepaper that stands out from the rest.

In this comprehensive document, we offer not just in-depth insights into the Financial Data Access (FIDA) framework but also practical solutions and strategies to effectively prepare your business for the upcoming changes.

What makes our whitepaper unique?

  1. 12-Month Action Plan: We present a detailed, step-by-step action plan that guides you through the next 12 months. This plan is specifically designed to systematically and efficiently prepare your business for FIDA compliance.
  2. Monetizing API Calls: Unlike PSD2, where companies had to provide their APIs for free, we explore ways to monetize API calls under FIDA. This approach offers a unique opportunity to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to open new revenue streams.
  3. Focus on API Readiness: APIs play a central role in the FIDA framework. Our whitepaper emphasizes API readiness, highlighting how crucial APIs are for successful FIDA implementation. We provide insights into best practices and strategies to optimize your API infrastructure and make it FIDA-compliant.

Learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities brought by FIDA. Our whitepaper is an indispensable resource for anyone in the financial and insurance sectors preparing for the upcoming regulatory changes.

Take the first step towards FIDA readiness and discover how to fully leverage the benefits of this new framework. Download “FIDA in a Nutshell” now and begin your journey to FIDA compliance.

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