Noname & apinity Security Partnership: Enhancing API Security and Management

In the digital age, APIs are the backbone of modern applications, driving connectivity and digital transformation across various sectors. However, the rapid growth of APIs has also increased vulnerability to attacks and data breaches. apinity, in partnership with Noname Security, addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution for API security and management.

Noname Security: Proactive API Security Approach

Noname Security stands out as the only company offering a complete, proactive approach to API security. Serving 20% of the Fortune 500, Noname covers the entire API security scope across three pillars: Posture Management, Runtime Security, and Secure API SDLC. Their D.A.R.T. API Security Methodology simplifies the process for businesses to discover, analyze, remediate, and test all their APIs. With headquarters in Palo Alto and an office in London, Noname Security is a global leader in API security.

Key Features of Noname Security Integration with apinity:

Complete API Inventory:

  • Noname Security automatically catalogs all company APIs, integrating them seamlessly into apinity.
  • Utilizes data classification for precise and efficient API management.

API Analysis and Evaluation:

  • Identifies and resolves API misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in line with best-practice guidelines.
  • Ensures robust API security and compliance.

Real-time Anomaly Detection:

  • Monitors for data issues, policy breaches, and attacks in real-time.
  • Automated response mechanisms to counteract threats instantly.

Deployment Flexibility:

  • Offers on-prem and cloud deployment options for maximum adaptability.
  • Easy plugin installation compatible with all major API gateways.

Innovative Crawling and Testing:

Noname Security’s approach includes crawling internal systems with easy-to-install plugins. This feature is particularly effective for capturing shadow APIs that might bypass standard protocols. Additionally, Noname Security employs advanced techniques, potentially involving machine learning, to externally identify accessible APIs. Their constant monitoring and extensive reporting focus on technical aspects, particularly aligning with OWASP 10 criteria, ensuring that active APIs are secure and well-configured.

The partnership between apinity and Noname Security marks a significant advancement in API security and management. This collaboration brings together apinity’s expertise in the API business and building up ecosystems through APIs with Noname’s cutting-edge security solutions, offering an all-in-one platform that enhances API security, facilitates rapid go-to-market strategies, and provides a developer-friendly experience. Together, we’re redefining API security and management, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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