Boost your Business as apinity service partner

The place to come together in this API-based economy is the apinity marketplace. Become a service partner and deliver your offerings at scale to clients that can search, find and purchase your solutions that best fit their needs.


Benefits of Being a Service Partner

As an apinity service partner, you gain instant visibility to potential clients in the relevant industries. These experts understand the benefits of API-based service integration and have specific needs for API services.

apinity promotes the public marketplace and takes the entire portfolio to customer meetings, solution workshops and much more. Here your product is implicitly taken along on this journey and presented as a potential solution fit. Furthermore, depending on our agreed-upon strategy, apinity will be a partner for joint marketing campaigns for your product and targeted customer acquisition initiatives.

All our apinity partner program features are created carefully to assure your and your clients‘ success. We strive with you for an open society where people and businesses are all connected by APIs.

Our Service Partners


Become a Service Partner

Why Partner with apinity?

  • Enter into a partnership at no cost
  • Leverage existing skills and experience
  • Receive rewards with strong margins and competitive industry-aligned incentives
  • Receive recurring revenue from our SaaS subscription model

  • Work alongside us to close sales with our partner co-selling method
  • Obtain new leads
  • Strengthen channel processes
  • Receive recognition and rewards for your skills, experience, and any added value
  • Grow your market reach by connecting with people & businesses that share the belief in the value of API-based services 
  • Tap into a client base with awareness of API Business Operations and help them create value by integrating your digital services into their business processes 
  • Offer your innovative service to new clients

Apply Now to Become an apinity Service Partner

Instead of building every technological puzzle piece on its own, we help your clients to purchase, manage and integrate your latest technology. We offer you fully-fledged marketplace functionalities where you, as our service partner, can offer your API-based value-adding services and reach a global customer base.

Partner With Us

Start Your Journey as a Service Partner!

Service partners provide an API-based service that can enrich apinity’s marketplace offering (and vice versa).

To assess whether you would be a good fit as a service partner, we will work with you in a series of joint sessions to get to know each other, understand your service and build your service offering on the marketplace.