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Press Releases - 3 min READ

Munich Re Buys InsurTech Start-up, apinity, from Former Allianz Subsidiary - First SaaS Platform for API Business Operations

Munich, Oct. 4, 2022: With a fresh look and feel, and a focus on API business operations, apinity will start selling a digital solution that helps companies manage, scale, and monetize their APIs. As of today, Munich Re has secured 100% of the shares of the InsurTech and has taken over the team and the technology platform including all existing third-party services and business relationships.

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API Business Operations - 7 min READ

API Economy: Generate Value for Your Insurance Company

Admittedly, the world of APIs is a complex and partially hazy place where you can quickly lose sight of the overview – good reason to keep it simple in this article. So, let’s start with a clear answer to the question if the API economy is essential.

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Article - 10 min READ

Creating the apinity brand

A brand is never finished. We are still working on refining our brand’s tone of voice and honing our corporate identity guidelines. However, the progress we made throughout the Google design sprint process, our company naming workshops, and early brand explorations has helped us to build a great foundation and to get every stakeholder on board with our vision.

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Interview - 5 min READ

International Women's Day: An Interview with our CEO Anna-Carina-Haeusler

General equality and the right to vote for women were elementary goals when launching the International Women's Day at the beginning of the 20th century. More than 100 years later, the challenges for women have changed massively. Nevertheless, the tech sector in particular is still male-dominated. We asked one of our women in tech about her experiences of being a woman in a highly competitive industry.

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API Security - 5 min READ

A practical approach on how to Integrate APIs Securely into Digital Marketplaces

The insurance and financial service industries can successfully make use of an API marketplace and internal API gateway to securely shape their API Management.

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- 5 min READ

apinity | xplore - the Public API Marketplace

The API marketplace engineered for the unique needs of the regulated insurance and banking industries.

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API Business Operations - 10 min READ

A Guide to API Business Operations. Part 1: What is API Business Operations?

API business operations in the insurance industry can help to improve customer experiences, streamline processes, and open up new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

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Interview - 15 min READ

The role of API marketplaces for the insurance industry: 7 Questions for Martin Thormählen

The CTO's homework: How to develop new digital business models, customer-centric offerings, and other no-brainers (for the insurance industry). We asked Martin Thormählen 7 questions about his challenges as Chief Technology Officer of Munich Re, the digitalization of the insurance industry, and the associated central role of API marketplaces.

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- 5 min READ

apinity | xact - the turnkey whitelabel API marketplace

Power your API strategy with our turnkey solution. Establish your tailored API marketplace in just a week.

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