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apinity | xplore - the Public API Marketplace

The API marketplace engineered for the unique needs of the regulated insurance and banking industries.

apinity API marketplace
apinity API marketplace

Discover, Integrate, and Transform with apinity marketplace | xplore

Unlock the dynamic landscape of API discovery with apinity marketplace | xplore, a platform engineered for the unique needs of the regulated insurance and banking industries. Catering to both API consumers and providers, xplore bridges the gap between innovation and compliance, offering a curated selection of APIs, each one carefully vetted for regulatory compliance with EU regulations such as GDPR, PSD2, and Solvency II.

For API Providers

For API Consumers

Benefits Benefits
Targeted Visibility: Showcase your specialized API to a niche audience in the regulated insurance and banking sectors. Compliance-first API Discovery: Find APIs that not only align with your business requirements but also comply with strict industry-specific regulations.
Regulatory Compliance: Highlight your API in a marketplace that values, understands, and enforces regulatory compliance. Seamless Integration: Integrate compliant and reliable APIs into your existing infrastructure effortlessly with our user-friendly platform.
Efficiency and Monetization Opportunities: Streamline your API integration process, broaden its reach, and tap into potential revenue streams. Operational Efficiency and Innovation: Leverage the power of APIs to streamline operations, drive innovation, and stay ahead in a regulated environment.

Features Features
Transparency and Showcasing: Detail your API's unique qualities, including usage, performance, and customer feedback, all visible in real-time. Robust, Compliant API Catalog: Navigate a comprehensive catalog of APIs, each vetted for adherence to GDPR, PSD2, and Solvency II regulations.
Streamlined Process: Exhibit your specialized API to a diverse array of external partners via a dedicated portal, fostering its adoption and collaboration.  Intuitive User Interface: Simplify your API discovery and integration process with our easy-to-navigate platform.
Billing and Monetization: Let apinity handle the billing process for your premium APIs, allowing you to focus on its enhancement while also generating revenue. Continuous Compliance Support: Trust in our commitment to continuously adhere to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Embark on a new era of efficient API discovery and integration with apinity marketplace | xplore. Designed with the compliance needs of the insurance and banking sectors in mind, we provide tailored solutions that amplify your API journey. Ready to explore more? 

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