Why you should join the apinity partner program

At apinity, we are focused on delivering the world’s most powerful API Business Operations technology. To our partners, we are offering best-in-class software solutions to help them tap into the full potential of their clients’ business. On that basis we aim to recognize, drive, and support strong and trusted partner relationships. We have designed the apinity partner program to reward our partners for their commitment and investment in apinity solutions, without the burden of heavy program requirements.

Why partner with apinity?

Profitable apinity partner program

  • Enter into a partnership at no cost
  • Leverage existing skills and experience
  • Receive rewards with strong margins and competitive industry-aligned incentives
  • Receive recurring revenue from our SaaS subscription model

Partner-first model
  • Work alongside us to close sales with our partner co-selling method
  • Obtain new leads
  • Strengthen channel processes
  • Receive recognition and rewards for your skills, experience, and any added value
Competitive differentiation
  • Grow your market opportunity by connecting people and businesses
  • Educate your clients about API Business Operations and how it can help them efficiently create new digital products,business channels, and ecosystems
  • Offer a new and innovative product to your clients

“Trust. Distinction. Efficiency. Acceleration.”

What are our partnership principles?

Trust – We aim to earn and deepen the clients’ trust through an in-depth understanding of their API needs.

Distinction – We help you distinguish your own solution space from the competition’s, through focusing on what really matters: business outcome.

Efficiency – We deploy your expertise efficiently with your dedicated partner tool stack at hand.

Acceleration – Speed up client traction by teaming up with us for mutual success.

What partner program tiers do we offer?

At apinity, we distinguish between four different partner tiers:

  1. apinity technology partner: provides technical enrichment of the apinity platform through the synergy of our respective technologies
  2. apinity consulting partner: offers supplementary consulting offerings, such as organizational development
  3. apinity integration partner: provides experienced developers and architects to help integrate apinity products
  4. apinity service partner: provides specific first class API driven services through the apinity marketplace 

Your clients’ needs are covered, no matter if you are a technology, consulting, integration, or service partner.

What revenue schemes do we have in place?

The first is our reseller scheme, based on an annual subscription revenue model. Reselling partners are typically solution providers whose business models focus on reselling and potentially providing technical services.

The second is our referral scheme, for partners who want to work with us on a referral basis. Both models are easy schemes that work independently or in combination with one another.

What are the key benefits of the apinity partner program?

All our apinity partner program features are created carefully to assure your and your client’s success. We strive with you for an open society where people and businesses are connected by APIs.

Relationship and Communication Support
  • Channel Manager
  • Technical Integration Support and Guidance
  • Joint Business/Marketing Plan Review
  • Ecosystem Alignment
  • Access to Partner Workspace
Financial Incentives
  • Deal Registration (Partner-sourced)
  • Activity-based Referral Remuneration Scheme
  • Activity-based Reseller Remuneration Scheme
  • Infinite Cross-selling and Up-selling Possibilities
  • Solution Development Funds
Sales and Marketing Support
  • Account Mapping
  • Sales Materials and Tools
  • Partnership Logo
  • Demo Instance
  • apinity Partner Sales Training

How to start your journey as an apinity partner?

Accelerate your API business with the power of the apinity platform. Our partners are expert practitioners with deep industry knowledge, experience, and insights. Each partner is carefully selected by apinity for their unique domain expertise and API offering, to give organizations world-class support throughout their journey.

1. Get in touch with us and complete the apinity partner program application.

2. Once your application has been received, we will guide you through the mutual evaluation process, to determine if the three main criteria for partnership have been met:

  • Technical alignment with apinity solution and strategy
  • Business synergy and matching go-to-market model
  • Mutual value and revenue potential of the relationship

3. When there is a mutual fit, we welcome you as our partner and sign the apinity partner agreement.

Do you want to learn more?

Do you have any questions about our products and services? Please give us some info so the right person can get back to you.